How the King of Culture’s Kool-Aid Helped a City Find Its Soul

Las Vegas is a far more rich and complicated fabric than it’s been given credit for; even seasoned writers, blinded by the Strip’s bright lights, have missed out on or just not bothered to see our city’s depth. But that wasn’t the case with Tony Hsieh, and now our hearts have broken twice. The reporting on events leading up to Tony’s final months and days are gut-wrenching. How do we reconcile such a tragic ending? …

The author climbing in Rifle Canyon, Colorado

When my index and middle fingers latched the tiny limestone hold to my right, a tidal wave of panic washed over me. A man was screaming; while the hold, free of climbing chalk, was delicate, his shrieks were overpowering. “Noooo! No, no, no, stop,” he yelled, standing about 20 feet below me on the ground. Had a rock knocked my belayer unconscious? Was my knot untied? I grabbed a nearby piece of gear and clipped myself in so I could safely assess the situation.

I asked what was wrong. “That’s not how you do that section,” said the guy, lean…

Stephanie Forté

Stephanie is a writer, rock climber, and founder of Forté PR. Her essays and articles have appeared in Prevention, Desert Companion, Climbing Magazine & more.

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